We offer an outstanding variety of talent to fit what you need to achieve. We are passionate about signing and growing home grown talent, training and educating our modelling talent to be of international standard. If we don’t currently have the right person for the job, we will proactively go out and scout the right person for the job.


Beauty is not limited to an age, size or gender. HAUS represents a diverse range of beautiful people across age, size, gender, types and looks. Men, Women, Classics, Sport, Scouting and Alternative -�we have the talent you need


  • Photographic Models
  • Runway and Fashion Models
  • Corporate Hosts and Hostesses
  • PR and Campaign Activation
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Media Launches
  • Education
  • Styling
  • Events
  • Hair
  • Make-up
  • Photography
  • PR/Media

What we offer (Services)

HAUS believes there is no substitute for having the best people for the job. Whilst we have a lot of this talent working in-house as a part of permanent creative team, we also have the ability to bring specialists in if required. Our range of specialist connections spans across all industries, ensuring you have access to the best in the business and that you are delivered the best quality outcome.
These are our areas of in-house expertise:


HAUS offers training and coaching to our models in poise, pose, runway, etiquette and personal branding skills. This coaching equips our talent with all that is required of professional models and provides continual guidance for ongoing improvement


HAUS manages all aspects of your photographic needs, from art direction to post production, covering high-concept art photography to inspirational catalogue shoots. We have extensive connections at local and national levels, providing us the opportunity to work with Canberra’s top photographers.


HAUS stylists are industry-trained professionals with leading experience in the fashion industry, both locally and nationally. Our stylists are specialists when it comes to creating sensory impact, visually communicating messages that resonate with your target audience.


HAUS believes that driving people to your brand or event is essential to success and that a professionally developed PR and/or media strategy will set you apart from your competition. HAUS develops expert multi-faceted solutions covering all touch points in mainstream media, social media, industry media and more.


HAUS hair and make-up artists work beyond creating a specific aesthetic. They are trained to understand your brand and goals and to connect viewers to these through visual communication and memorable moments.


HAUS manages sensational events that always impress. Our creative team’s breadth of experience and talent leads to excellent results every time. We can manage your event from planning through to meticulous execution, including fashion parades, media and corporate events, promotional events, advertising campaigns and more.