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Born and raised in Bern, Switzerland, Andrea Hutchinson has a globally focused and creative mind. She became a model at the age of 16, walking the design-forward catwalks of Europe, and her passion for fashion has never abated. As a model, Andrea was immersed in the ‘nitty-gritty’ of leading fashion events and experienced first-hand the complexity of bringing them to life. Andrea is now at the helm of HAUS, leading a tightly-knit team of experts who have their own reputation for producing high-quality, truly memorable moments in the arts, culture, fashion and beyond. Andrea is also a co-founder of FASHFEST, the four-day fashion event that transformed the nation’s capital in May 2013, and the biggest fashion event to be held in Canberra to date. She also co-founded Help from the Underground, a major ‘op-shop’ fashion event held annually to raise funds for the homeless. Her success in these unprecedented events stems from her detailed understanding of the industry and her skill at assembling teams of professionals who work well together. Andrea’s reputation to forge close relationships with models, designers, stylists, directors, publicists, photographers and backstage people is second-to-none and enhances her ability to inspire and motivate all members of HAUS.






Clint Hutchinson has been immersed in the creative industry most of his life. Along with his wife Andrea, Clint started FASHFEST, Canberra’s largest red-carpet fashion event.

After the inaugural FASHFEST, this dynamic duo felt it was logical to start a modelling agency that would operate with a different point of view. HAUS Models was born.

Today, Clint is the CEO of FASHFEST and the Director of HAUS Models and The HAUS of Artists.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and creative sense, Clint is an inspiring leader. He is well known for motivating those around him—both clients and his creative team—to believe that every idea is worth exploring. He pushes boundaries and moves his team in one direction, sourcing strength from business strategy and executing with precision.  Looking for the best in people to achieve the best results for clients is at the heat of the businesses culture. Importantly, this also reflects Clint’s personal vision and philosophy.

For 16 years, Clint was also the Managing Director / Owner of one of the capital’s largest creative agencies.

Always giving back to the community, Clint sits on several boards, including the Salvation Army and Electric Vehicle Council. For several years he participated in Vinnies’s CEO Sleepout, raising more funds in the ACT than any other participant.  And now he and his wife, Andrea Hutchinson, are well underway in starting a charity of their own.